Civil Litigation

Personal Injury

You’ve been injured and you don’t know where to turn, come to us to help you. Your life has been turned upside down and your medical bills are piling up fast. We can help you get your life back on track.


Contract Dispute

We believe that when someone makes a promise, they should be held accountable for it. If someone has broken their promise, they could very well have breached a contract. We can help you get what is owed to you.


Consumer Protection

Sometimes it feels like consumers are at the mercy of big businesses. In Texas, consumers have many protections from deceptive business practices. We can help protect your rights as a consumer.



Employment Discrimination

Employment should be based on hard work and character. Discrimination can be unequal pay, unfair discipline, or wrongful termination. We can protect you from these unlawful employment practices.

Our Civil Litigation Attorney

Matthew L. Harris, Esq

Carrie A. Harris, Esq

Civil Litigation Articles

Towing Signs

Towing Signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign You head to work at your first day on the job.  You got an office job downtown and you are thrilled.  You park your car then head into the office. When you leave around 5:00 p.m. your car is nowhere to be found.  Someone nearby says...

Contract for Deed

Contract for Deed

Executory Contract You inherited a small house with a mortgage still due.  Instead of selling it outright, you decide to help someone else.  You agree that he will make the mortgage payments, and once it is fully paid off in ten years, he will then own the house....

Can a Burglar Sue Me?

Can a Burglar Sue Me?

He Broke In, But I’M Being Sued! You were recently the victim of a burglary to your home. Now the [expletive removed] has sued you for injuries he sustained while breaking into your home! Besides feeling an immense, body-shaking anger, several questions run through...