Business Law

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Corporate Negotiations

You’re on the brink of a major deal, but you know the other side is going to play hardball. You want someone with experience to step to the plate with you. We can help you knock one out of the park.

Incorporation, Limited Liability Company, & Partnership

Any successful CEO will tell you that they sleep well at night knowing that their personal assets are safe from the shortcomings of the business. You want that protection. We can help you sleep at night.

Ongoing Business Counseling

Not all businesses need full-time in-house counsel, but every business needs guidance on the multitude of legal issues that arise in your industry. We can help you stay informed and ahead of the competition.

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Debt Collection and Litigation

Part of expanding your business has involved transactions on credit with your customers, but your business is hurting because they haven’t made the payments they promised. We can help you recover your lost income.

Our Business Law Team

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Business Law Articles

Everything You Need to Know About Series LLCs.

Everything You Need to Know About Series LLCs.

You have recently decided to invest, and you have an affinity for managing real estate, so you set out to purchase a few rental properties. You wonder if you should create an entity for holding the properties. You have heard financial planners discuss a Series LLC,...