Your Lead Foot


We’ve all done it, you’re running late for work, or to get the kids somewhere on time, so we speed, just a little, what can it hurt right? Well if you get caught it can mean a ticket, a fine and possibly points on your license, and if you get too many points you could lose your license. Also, tickets can be reported on your insurance which can increase your insurance costs every month. The amount of your fine is set by the municipality you are in and how much over you were going, so you will need to contact the Court to get the amount of your fees. Each municipality in Texas sets their fines based on what their Commissioners Court has agreed upon.

You do have options for ways to handle your ticket. Your options are to pay the fine and admit your guilt, plead not guilty and try to fight the ticket, or attend a traffic school and have the ticket dismissed. You may only take defensive driving one time per year though, so if this is your second ticket, you only have two choices.

Although, if you have a CDL license you cannot take defensive driving at all no matter what even if you were stopped in your personal vehicle.

In Texas our police have several ways to catch you speeding, they can use a radar device or a laser, some places have speed cameras at traffic lights, and some officers just pace you to see how fast your going.

In Texas our speed limits are set by the Texas Transportation Code. The speed limits are posted are what is considered the maximum speed limit for that section of roadway. According to Section 545.352 of the Transportation Code; “(a) A speed in excess of the limits established by Subsection (b) or under another provision of this subchapter is prima facie evidence that the speed is not reasonable and prudent and that the speed is unlawful.” But there is another side to the coin if you are going to slow Section 545.363 states; “(a) An operator may not drive so slowly as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.”