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Are Alternative Billing Options Available?

Unfortunately, one of the greatest barriers to justice is money.   Many of the citizens in greatest need of legal assistance are very often those that can’t afford it, and that itself is an injustice.


At Matthew Harris Law, we understand that finances are difficult in this economic climate, which is why we sometimes allow alternative billing methods.


We can’t guarantee that all methods are always available, but we make allowances when possible for payment plans, short-term holding of collateral, or trades of goods/services.

How Often Should I Call My Attorney?

There is no set time-period in which you should call your attorney as every case is different.  If you think there is a pending deadline, or if you have a time-sensitive question (i.e., can’t wait a couple of hours) then don’t hesitate to make the call.


However, if you’re just curious about the status of your case, or if you have a general question, it sure does help your attorney’s time-management if you send him an email and he’ll reply to you by the end of the day.  Remember, sometimes no news is good news and not hearing from your Attorney is a good thing.


When Should I Call After-Hours?

We maintain an After-Hours Emergency Hotline because injustice doesn’t only happen before 5pm.  If you immediately need an attorney and it simply cannot wait until business hours, then you shouldn’t hesitate to call.


For example, if you have been arrested and the police want to question you, then use our After-Hours Emergency Hotline.  If you or a family member is near-death and likely will not survive the night but needs to write a Will, then call our After-Hours Emergency Hotline.


These are just examples; use your discretion.  Don’t be afraid to use it, but don’t abuse it.


How Can I Make a Payment?

You can come to our office and make a payment by check, cash, or money-order anytime.  We will provide you with a receipt and deposit it in your Trust Fund or apply it to your outstanding balance as applicable.


Soon, we will launch our Current Client Billing Center, which allows you to make payments directly from the comfort of your own home any hour of the day.  You can make payments by credit card, or by direct deposit from your bank.  All for no extra fee!


How Long Will My Case Take to Complete?

Unfortunately, this is a very difficult topic that can’t be precisely calculated.  An uncontested case can usually be resolved 4x faster than a contested case, and sometimes cases are delayed due to third-party agencies that we have to wait on to submit a report.


We do our best to give you an estimated time-frame, but we can’t make any guarantees.

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