How to Become a Better Client

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Phone Calls & Emails

At Matthew Harris Law, we ask clients to send simple questions by email if it isn’t time-sensitive (i.e., need an answer today and not right this second), and reserve phone calls for pressing matters and complex questions.


The greatest pet peeve of any client is also the fastest way for an attorney to get into trouble with the State Bar; not returning a client’s phone calls or emails.


This also happens to be the greatest pet peeve of your attorney because it is frustrating when there is a limited-time offer presented and the client will not reply.

Retainers, Deposits, & Payment Plans

For most cases, we place your deposit in a separate trust account and only withdraw from it for work actually performed at the end of the month.  This saves you money because it allows you to make several smaller deposits over time instead of having to quickly gather a large sum.


However, sometimes situations arise, outside of our control, and cause your bill to rise drastically; often because a vindictive Ex on the other side begins filing extraneous motions that we must reply to. 


Unfortunately, when there is an outstanding balance, some clients become shy and dodgy  because they fear being asked about paying the bill.  To avoid that and enhance our communication, we will help you to set up a payment plan that you can afford so you don’t have to fear any uncomfortable questions and we can work together on your case.


Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, & Google+

If you are anticipating, or in the middle of, any sort of legal case, and you use any sort of social media, you need to immediately lock down your privacy settings so the whole world doesn’t see your status updates and pictures.  I promise that the DA, CPS, and opposing counsel are searching for your party pictures.  You can help prevent harmful surprises in the future with a few simple mouse-clicks.


Conversations Outside of Our Office

The Attorney-Client Privilege is a powerful tool that allows you to discuss your case with your attorney without the fear of the attorney being called to testify against you.  However, that privilege is yours to waive.


Just because you told your attorney something private, doesn’t mean that it is forever protected.  If you decide to go to a crowded mall and tell your friends everything you and your attorney talked about, it makes it very difficult for your attorney to convince the Judge that your conversation was confidential.


Your best bet is to wait until your case is complete.  Then you can feel free to sell your story for a lucrative book deal and Made-For-TV Movie.


Referring Potential Clients

I read a story about a client that somehow fell under the belief that it was improper for her to refer potential clients to her attorney.  Like his services were a secret treasure that must be kept hidden.


Attorneys have only been advertising since 1977, before that it wasn’t allowed; so how do you think the profession generated business?  That’s right, Word of Mouth.  Word of Mouth is the lifeblood of any attorney, not some silly animated commercial or ridiculous slogan.


At Matthew Harris Law, we work hard to maintain a positive reputation in the community and we sincerely appreciate your referrals because they are a direct reflection on our quality of work. 

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